We are specialize in:

Business programming

Development of realistic and profitable projects based on a Business Plan

Personalized technical advice

Support to create innovative product


Assistance to obtaining financing

Professional training

Training courses to learn how to operate in the industrial hemp sector

Legal / legal advice

Specialized consulting to start your company

Computer technology

Website development and systems / software consulting

Consulting to open innovative startups

Startups are smaller and less structured. They are innovative and keep improving their business models, processes, and portfolio. The innovative startups are competitive on the market for their investments in innovation.

For any business, you need tools, equipment, premises, licenses.

We help the business owner to do the BUSINESS PLAN which is the tool to define costs and profits in detail. We are also specialized to find financing suitable for the needs of the company.

Our TEAM is composed by: accountants, lawyers, marketing experts and IT technicians to provide a complete service.

Consulting and training in industrial hemp

Consulenza Canapa is an Italian company specialized in consulting services in hemp sector. We help customers choosing the best hemp for his ground with a tailor-made approach supporting them in each step.

Leveraging on many years of experience gained in researching and testing, our technicians are empowered with a strong knowledge of fields and greenhouses harvesting. This ensure the highest level of service and the guarantee of superior quality product.

360° ApproachWe do support your farm: creation, management, development of products and support to place in market.

Quality productsRelying on sixteen years of experience, we have developed a protocol and work tools to produce high-quality hemp, considering all factors such as the location, ground specifications and customer requirements.

Reliability and SecurityWe also provide legal advice to resolve disputes and keep safe your own business

Our training coursesIn the training course “DEVELOPMENT HEMP” you learn all aspect of hemp's sector.

The main topics

  • Hemp in history
  • The properties of the plant
  • Method and protocol for cultivating
  • The derivative of hemp
  • Legislation
  • Innovative start-up
  • Field / greenhouse visit

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